I am asking you to help me to stop CPS from abusing teachers.  As many of you are aware, I have filed a law suit against CPS and I need your assistance.  Here is how you can help.  Please scroll all the way down to read the attached documents from the attorney.  I need to respond by Wednesday, August 18, 2010.  If you can assist me in proving any of these facts, please contact me via email or phone.  I am not seeking to shade, stretch or otherwise mar the process.  I simply seek to reveal the truth and lay a foundation for others who will come behind.  Whatever happens in my case will affect our colleagues and we need to win.
Also, if you have some free time to assist me in putting this massive amount of information together, please let me know.  I am working to collate this information effectively and efficiently.
If you have information, you will be required to testify at some future date.  As I said to you long ago, we will need to be each others witnesses.  I will need your name address, phone number and statement.  Also, some of you have given me your story, please let me know whether or not I can use your statement.  If I find that your statement in particular is useful, I may phone you for permission to use your statement. 
Those of you who know me recognize that this is  matter of principle of which I am very passionate about.  Too many teachers are suffering, have suffered, will suffer and some have not survived the wrongs of CPS.  This is serious and the damages done to careers and students must end. This has negatively impacted approximately 5,000 teachers.  
On another note, I was hired by the union and will be working for you.  I consider this an honor and will endeavor to work with our union to preserve the rights of members and stop CPS's perpetration of gross and blatant disrespect.
Thank you in advance for your assistance.  If you are not willing to make an investment, I will respect your right to make your own choices.
In Solidarity
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The Advocate by John D. Evans

It's hard out here for an advocate

On the side of the children

Of the parents, the



It's hard out here for us

With the economy

Bleeding like



It's hard out here for an advocate

Being treated like enemies

Like we're not needed

It's hard out here


It's so hard for us

That we suffer

Do we fight

Or die?




In talking with my colleagues, I have learned that some are not in receipt of a letter from Collen Dykas, CTU Field Rep.,Coordinator. She is requesting that all teachers reassigned in 2008, attend a meeting on Thursday, October 22, 2009 at: Connnie's Pizza, 2373 S.Archer Avenue, Chicago, IL . The purpose is to address the issue of age discrimination and other problems and concerns relevant to your current situation. Please bring your documentaion showing where you have applied for a job. RSVP no later than October 20, 2009, 312 329 6233. The letter is signed by President Stewart. Also, I spoke with Collen last week and she told me to expect this letter. Please make sure that any other teachers who should have received this notice are aware of the meeting, refreshments will be served. SPREAD THE WORD!
Also, on Tuesday, we will be at the CTU on Oct 20, at 4:15 p.m. There are 6 vacant positions open for delegates.  It is my desire to be nominated as a delegate, others want to be nominated also.  This is very important.  If you can car pool, please do so or catch the bus, contact someone and go together.  We have been passive far too long and need to be proactive, the hour is late, but better late than never.  Delegates can represent our interest in the Union and get to speak on the floor.
We are still working and the grievance for failure to give us a 14 day notice of termination will be filed this week.  If you want to sign it, this is your last opportunity.  I will bring it to the meeting on Thursday at Connie's.
We have a new email address:
dartscps@gmail and our facebook dartscps and our website is: http://dartscps.weebley.com  They are all a work in progress and we endeavor to give you a professional presentation reflective of our organization.  Retired teachers and those still in the classroom are willing to work with us. Some of us have gotten jobs, but will continue to work with us.  Many teachers still do not know what is going on.  There is a need to be proactive now--before we know it, the year will be over and we will be turning another page. 
Marilyn tried to keep us from speaking at PUSH, but you should know that we represented you very well.  She spoke also, but talked about Katrina, endorsements--none of which are the issues.  People (parents) who were not teachers were appalled. We delivered the message, everything that we knew was presented.  This past Saturday, two other people spoke on the 20th day and REN 2010.
Rev. Sen. Meeks bashed all teachers in the system, nationwide broadcast, with research from 2000-2001 from the Sun-Times.  We are asking everyone to write him a letter.  "CTU protects bad teachers, they are the biggest gang in Chicago".  "Teachers are not qualified, if you are qualified then you have a job".  "I don't care if your daddy is a pimp or your mama is a whore (hoe) you deserve a good teacher.  Used an analogy, Nebecannezar King of Babylon and stated bring me the pretty kids, the smart kids those who are easy to catch on".  "Bring me the best and the opposite of heaven---(hell) with the rest".  "Oh, he did not use the word hell". "That's what they are doing to the kids in Chicago", per Meeks  
While off the air, he said, "Huberman, Duncan and Daley are doing a good job, he likes what Daley is doing".