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Ann Cata
10/3/2009 02:48:41

I was displaced 6/08 because of low enrollment on the near West side. The area has undergone a process to eliminate the African American population in that area for Others.
I want to let you know that I am white. What I feel deep down inside is the City of Chicago has plans for 20 and 30 years down the road. This is my own opinion but just look around and you will be able to confirm with your own eyes of what is happening to Chicago. Look for the trees in the forest!!!

Remove low income persons with children, move them away from the center of Chicago. Reduce the number of students and shut down positions, force schools to close, turnaround or consolidate. They remove teachers that have given part of their lives to education children of those communities. I worked in special education on the West side at Victor Herbert and Dett Elementary Schools for 14 years.

I tried to secure a position and was lucky enough to get interviews but no positions. I attended 6 out of 7 job fairs and got nowhere. Kind of difficult to secure anything when CPS allows recent grads and uncertified persons to secure positions 2 hours before any one else can enter the job fairs. THE CARDS WERE STACKED AGAINST US FROM DAY ONE!!!

The plight of displaced tenured highly qualified teachers is the way of the dinosaur. CPS only want young people that the administrations can manipulate.
Seasoned veteran teachers will not tolerate that under any circumstances.

The new teachers are in a revolving door process. They do not invest their lives in education. Most become engaged, married and leave the systems within 5 years or just get clicked off for no apparent reason. I have met young teachers that have been clicked off and are on their 3rd or 4th school never to attain tenure.

This is what CPS wants, those that are not in the system for the long haul.

In June of 2009 I was honorably terminated from CPS to become a Cadre just to keep benefits. What a crock of ----!!

I am an LBS 1, with a type 10 in special education, and have a type 9 in social science, NCLB in reading, remediated reading and general science, with a 99.9% attendance rate and having 14 evaluations 1 superior and 13 excellent. Now you tell me, why can I not secure a position??? By the way, I am over 40 but that does not stop me from voicing my opinion and wanting others to join forces with DARTS

Write your opinion too. Let thw world know the truth about the Chicago Public School System.

I want to thank Antionette Barnes for becoming a friend throughout this process and Gary Latman for assisting with this website.

10/3/2009 03:40:26

The Stab in your back Education Secretary "Arne Duncan!"

As one of the "displaced teacher," I wholehearedly "ditto" every word Gary Latman wrote and would like toadd a few thoughts of my own. Because of the prevailing attitude in CPS's Central Office and the trickled down effect by the local school administrators, I felt it was incumbent upon me to take an early retirement and leave with some dignity. Soon after being "displaced" it became evident and clear to me and others that the word was out "don't hire displaced/reassigned teachers," no matter how great their evaluations, credentials, or experience. Obviously Arne Duncan's minnions had been instructed to hire only recent college grads. In one case that I was personally involved with this young teacher who was just entering her 2nd year as a teacher, I had mentored her the year before as a "golden mentor" (people that help 1st-3rd year teachers)and here she was at the CPS job fair as the "turnaround school's" rep. this recent grad was now representing a school where she was only going into her 2nd year of teaching. She had asked me during her 1st year to let her audit me as I taught a class which of course I allowed her to do. This experience was the handwriting on the wall for me-on one would hire me no matter what I said or did. I was to old and at the top of the pay scale. Welcome to "turnaround, charter, and contract schools" the problems with CPS schools will be solved by displacing all of the older experienced teachers and ignoring the systemic problems of the socio-economic conditions that plague the community and homes of these children. Blame all of societies ills on the "teachers." Society, parents, children, politics, governmental agencies are all void of any responsibility only "teachers" bear the blame for the failures of our children. Maybe Ron Huberman with the help of Obama's stimulus money will fix the problem--funny thing tenured teachers have been telling the board for years to zero in on the most troubled of our youth to "turnaround" their socio-economic" situation. Did you have to fire me to accomplish that simple solution to an age old problem that any tenured teacher could have told you for simply the asking?

10/15/2009 16:21:11

This school system is disgraceful. It is based on lies, lies, lies. The only thing this system cares about is testing. Classrooms are overcrowded. Many of the children are rude and see very little value in education and their parents are worst.


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